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Winter Hog Farming on Circle B Ranch

 The winter months are a true test of a farmers skill and work capacity. The winter brings frozen waterers’,  hard starting trucks and tractors and breakdowns.  Everything runs easy in warm weather and it seems like it takes twice as long to accomplish anything in winter! Even

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Brixton…The Hog Herder

Brixton is my daughters Airedale Terrier. When Erin, my daughter, and her daughter moved from Northern Virginia to Seymour, Missouri, Brixton came with them. While in Virginia, he was primarily a house dog going on his daily walks and sitting on the porch watching the day go

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How did we get to Southwest Missouri??

Go figure !  Having been a New Jersey resident all my life the last thing I thought I would be doing at 55 years of age was moving to rural Missouri. Our move from west central New Jersey to SW Missouri was a return to what NJ used to

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Circle B Ranch Humanely Raised & Handled

I think in all of our blogs I have mentioned how passionate we are about what we do on our farm. We truly believe that an animal, regardless of the breed or type, should be handled with a gentle hand, a tender heart, love and respect. We have

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Humane VS Confinement

Questions to ask at your local Farmers Market.

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Questions to Ask at a Farmer’s Market

When a consumer shops at a farmer’s market, he or she often has expectations about the products sold there. He or she might think that these goods are healthier or more wholesome, or the customer may feel the foodstuffs taste better as they are not produced in

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A Healthy Hog is a Happy Hog

We have always felt that you should “know where you food comes from”. Since, that has become the unofficial mantra of Circle B Ranch we wanted to share with you our feeding practices. We pasture raise our hogs, they eat grubs, nuts and insects. They are finished with

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Benefits of feeding Circle B Ranch Hogs Goat Whey

Here at Circle B Ranch we believe in naturally and humanely feeding and handling our Heritage Berkshire hogs. Not too long along, while doing research on how to naturally finish our Berkshire hogs, we came across a few articles on the internet that encouraged feeding whey products

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Raising Berkshire Hogs the Old Fashioned Way

Circle B Ranch chooses cage-free...and meatballs

When John and I decided to pasture raise Berkshire Hogs we had know idea that we would be going back to the “way it used to be.”  If I have heard it once, I have heard it a hundred times….”That is how my grandparents used to do

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Why raise Berkshire Hogs Humanely?


John and I want our customer to know that the pork they eat have been bred, farrowed and raised on our farm. Circle B Ranch does not administer any unnecessary antibiotics or additional hormones.

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