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Why Berkshire Hogs?

Circle B Ranch breeds, farrows and raises Heritage Berkshire Hogs.  We decided on the breed because they are  hardy animals that adapt well to pasture.  Berkshire hogs are a rare breed that originated from Berkshire England. It has been said that the Berkshire Hog became popular with

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Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork

100% Heritage Pork - Humane Raised and Handled

There was never any discussion how we would raise our Berkshire pork. They would be pasture raised!! We breed, farrow and raise our hogs 100% on pasture.

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Baby Piggy’s!!

Red Wattle Pork from Circle B Ranch in Seymour, MO

A few months ago we bred a number of our gilts.  We bred 2 Berkshires to Barry a Red Wattle.  We bred 5 Durocs to Barney a Berkshire Boar, and 2 other Berkshires to Barney. The Berkshires had their piglets with no problem.  They farrowed and were

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New Piglets and feeding on the farm

New Berkshire Piglets

Yesterday John and Matt went out to feed the gilts, sows, piglets and boars.  Low and behold they found one of the gilts had farrowed overnight.  She had 7 healthy Berkhsire/Kurabuto piglets.  She had built a nest in the woods and farrowed.  John and Matt gently picked

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The piglets are growing!!

Happy piglets on our farm in Seymour, Missouri. I have not updated on the piglets in a long while.  A couple of weeks ago we weaned them and of course they sulked by the fence line for their mothers.  I think the sows were just as happy

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We have a little runt!!

From the last farrowing we had a little gilt runt.  She was so little that she was not able to feed, so we took her and hand fed her for the last few weeks.  I was feeding her every three to four hours and even got up

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