Jarring Marina's Italian Style Tomato

Jarring Marina’s Italian Style       Tomato

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create Marina’s tasty sauces? Have you ever asked yourself why they taste so good?  Let me give you a little insight into the process, and you will find the answers to your questions.

On sauce days, Marina begins her day in the kitchen with three other workers. First, they unload the ingredients from her car, if they haven’t been previously delivered, and carry them into the kitchen. Next, one of the workers begins to sterilize the glass jars according to food safety standards, guaranteeing health-safety for Circle B Ranch’s customers. 

While the jars are sterilized, another worker cleans the kettles. Marina prefers the kettles be cleaned every morning to ensure the kettles are completely disinfected and the quality of her sauces is not compromised.

Then Marina and her co-workers start the fun part of their work—making the sauce. A worker processes all fresh ingredients. Every bit of fruit, orange, apple, or pear, is de-cored, sliced, and diced to create the best possible flavor. Ginger is grated. Fresh herbs such as basil are de-stemmed and washed by hand.

Marina begins the sauce-making. She adds all ingredients in a specific order during the cooking process. This isn’t as easy as it sounds since each ingredient has to be included at a precise time to generate the desired taste. For example, Marina adds the fresh basil to her tomato sauce exactly 20 minutes before the sauce is finished to wring out the best basil flavor. She says that overcooking the basil will not add flavor but actually detract from it. And she should know due to her experience as owner of an upscale catering company in New Jersey.

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Marina and her helpers then cook the sauce, stirring it, until it is the right consistency and it reaches 180°-200 degrees. This temperature prohibits the growth of bacteria when jarring the sauce. Once the sauce is thoroughly cooked, each jar of Marina’s sauces is poured, sealed, labeled, and packed by hand. Yes we still do everything by hand!!

Then the cleaning begins. A worker scrubs the kettles for the second time that day. Every counter, every dish whisk or knife used is washed and sterilized. The floors are swept and mopped, the trash taken out. Marina makes sure to create the cleanest possible environment for food preparation; the next sauce day will begin isauce Collagen a spotless kitchen. This cleanliness guarantees that customers don’t have to worry about the healthiness or superiority of her sauces.

It is Marina’s dedication to her consumer and her involvement with each and every sauce that makes all the difference.  She chooses the best, freshest ingredients, cooks her sauces with love, and takes every possible step to maintain the quality of her product and the health of her customers. Marina always says that “you need to start with the best ingredients to get the best end product!”


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