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Circle B Ranch’s Mission


At Circle B Ranch, we pride ourselves in our humane and wholesome mission. We’re homegrown American and so is the pork. We will provide clean and 100% natural Berkshire/Kurabota and Red Wattle Heritage Pork products for restaurant and consumer consumption.

How Circle B Ranch will accomplish this mission:

  • Locally source 100% Berkshire/Kurabota and Red Wattle Heritage Pork in a natural environment in the lush Ozark Hills of southwest Missouri.
  • The animals are and will be 100% raised outdoors by using sustainable and humane production standards.
  • The animals are and will be free-ranged on pasture; they will do what hogs do best: root and graze for the majority of their food.
  • We do not and will not use any additional hormones to the meat we are provided with.
  • Our pastured raised pork is high in natural beta-carotene, vitamins C, D and E and Omega -3  fatty acids.

Here at Circle B Ranch, we are committed to using smaller farms that raise a quality product. You, as the consumer, can be 100% confident that the Berkshire Hog Product we are selling you has been bred, farrowed and raised on a local farm. Rest assured that our products are free of antibiotics, hormones, and gluten.

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