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About Marina and John Backes


Marina and John Backes, owners of Circle B Ranch in Seymour, MOCircle B Ranch is a family owned and operated Berkshire/Kurabota Pork Hog farm. Marina and John relocated from Branchburg, NJ in September 2009 to the lush and rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains. They originally owned a small hobby farm where John raised turkeys, ducks and chickens for their own consumption. They were ahead of their time since they fed them feed that did not contain unnecessary hormones or antibiotics. This practice and belief has been continued on their farm in Seymour, MO. John and Marina are passionate about food and what they eat. They firmly believe that an animal’s welfare is very important to the taste and the appearance of the meat which is why Marina and John make such a significant effort in the natural and humane raising and handling of their Heritage hogs.

John and Marina did extensive research on what type of farming would work best on the 90 acres they purchased in Seymour, MO. John and Marina decided that the property would be conducive to the natural hog environment. There was never any discussion how they would bring up their Berkshire and Red Wattle Hogs. John and Marina breeds, farrow and raises the hogs the natural way. The hogs have freedom to graze on the lush pastures and free to roam in the woods eating acorns and nuts on the way.

John built the layout of the farm to comply with the HFAC and Animal Welfare Animal Care Standards for Pigs. John and Marina have always appreciated healthy, naturally and humanely raised food and are passionate about the welfare of their animals, and they always felt that Certified Humane and Animal Welfare Approved would be a good fit for their farm and animals.

The backgrounds of John and Marina successfully compliment the farming operation. John has extensive experience in mechanical contracting, so the entire infrastructure of the farming operation goes to him. John is fond of the English style farrowing huts that are popular amongst European farmers. John also handles the everyday operations of the farm.

Marina owned and operated an upscale catering company in Somerville, NJ for 11 years. Through Nadia Gourmet Caterers she sold Marina’s Cranberry Chutney, Marina’s Italian Style Tomato Sauce and Big John’s BBQ. The BBQ Sauce and the Cranberry Chutney were all recipes that Marina developed over the years, while in catering. The Italian Tomato Sauce is an old family recipe and with one bite you will see how freshness should taste. Marina was known for preparing all of her sauces from scratch.


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