Our Philosophy

At Circle B Ranch, our philosophy is a simple one: humane farming. We do not practice any confinement raising. The more humanely treated the animal, the better the meat will be.

We breed, farrow and raise 100% Berkshire hogs and Berkshire/Red Wattle cross. We raise our hogs in a natural environment where they graze on pasture and wooded areas rich in natural nuts, grasses and berries as well as mineral-rich earth and roots. We provide fresh spring or well water, which greatly reduces parasites that affect meat quality.

We operate a closed herd, meaning we breed, farrow and raise our hogs until processing without the introduction of “feeder pigs” from other sources or farms. Our breeding is 100% genetically controlled to avoid “inbreeding”. By doing so, we remove detriments to the animal’s health and to meat quality.

We closely control the feeding, handling and care until the day of processing at which time we contract a processor that shares the same philosophy we do regarding the final stage before the sale of our product. The entire process, from top to bottom, is humane and animal-friendly. Circle B Ranch does not administer any unnecessary antibiotics or hormones. We only use antibiotics when it is medically necessary.

At Circle B Ranch, we are serious and passionate about providing our customers with the ultimate in naturally-raised, healthy pork products. We dedicate tremendous time and effort to bring you the best quality Berkshire/Kurabota and Red Wattle pork products possible. The time spent on each hog translates into a better tasting product for you, the consumer, to enjoy.

Taste the difference that natural, humane treatment can make to the taste of pork.

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