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I just wanted you to know that my Christmas ham was the most flavorful and moist cured ham I have ever had in my life. The loin side stayed nice and moist since it wasn’t full of water from too much grain and the heart had a sweet nuttiness to it that was amazing. The little bit of fat under the skin was just the right amount too and didn’t get all mushy, making it slice nicely with the meat. The skins was also thin enough to get crispy and not chewy, making it one of best treats of the whole thing. This was the first ham I have ever used every single piece of without throwing anything away. It was absolutely amazing and your pigs are the happiest I have ever seen. I am thankful for the life you give them and the life it gave us. Thanks and Happy New Year!

– Charlie H.

Circle B Ranch osso bucco last night with polenta, carrots, and swiss chard accompaniments–AMAZINGLY YUM.

– Katherine D.

One of the amazing Circle B Ranch pork chops! Wow what a difference good Heritage Pork makes!

– Linda C.

Used Marinas tomato sauce to make some eggplant Parmesan for dinner. Smells absolutely amazing can’t wait to dive in!

– Marcy B.

Had a friend come in today who cooked up your meatballs and sauce for the first time this week. She agreed it was fabulous! So easy to prepare! Your the best girl!

– Jill L.

Cooking Osso Bucco for dinner tonight using pork from Marina Musacchio Backes from Circle B Ranch, my son says the smell is food torture, smells so good it should be illegal LOL!

– Nicolee L.

Marina’s Tomato Sauce is amazing! Smells and tastes just like my Nona’s! Thank you, thank you! Definitely my new ‘go to’ when I don’t have time to make my own!

– Christi R.


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