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Hog Wallowing: Why do Berkshire Hogs do it?

When I first thought about raising hogs, my mind immediately pulled up a picture of pigs mucking about and dripping in a puddle of mud. Why is that? I think this is an image we have all seen growing up, whether we were familiar with the farming

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Questions to Ask at A Farmer’s Market

In the wee hours of the morning, before the sun has peeked over the horizon or the rooster has shaken the sleep from his feathers, the farmer is up and getting ready for   market. As the farmer steps up into his truck—or car, whichever it may be—he

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We are nose to tail! We use the Trim Too!!!! (and bonus recipes)

John and I  believe in using every possible piece of the pig when processing. From the trim we produce Circle B Ranch’s ground pork, Marina’s Italian Style Meatballs, Big John’s Nitrite Free Hot Dogs and Circle B Ranch’s line of sausages.   These products make some of

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Dedicated Farming—Winter Isn’t a Disadvantage

As you know, Circle B Ranch strives to produce the best quality pork available on today’s market—even during Missouri’s winters.  We picked  SW Missouri to raise our hogs because the weather tends not to be as harsh as in other parts of the country. The winter does

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Wintertime Farrowing and Weaning

Since the beginning, our mission here at Circle B Ranch has been to raise our hogs in the most natural way possible; our hogs are what they are meant to be. They do as nature intended. Because of our natural practices, we farrow all year round here,

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Off to the Processor

As discussed in our previous article, Circle B Ranch weans our piglets between 6-10 weeks of age, depending upon the season. After the piglets are weaned, we rotate them through a series of pens until they are sent off for processing. The sorting and rotation procedure occurs about

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What’s Hog Farming like in the Winter at Circle B Ranch?

The winter months are a true test of a farmers skill and work capacity. The winter brings frozen waterers’,  hard starting trucks and tractors and breakdowns.  Everything runs easy in warm weather and it seems like it takes twice as long to accomplish anything in winter! Even

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Why should you eat Cranberries?

 Marina’s Cranberry Chutney has been a staple for us as far back as I can remember. It compliments not only pork but beef, chicken, oatmeal and I have been known to pair it with goat cheese for a quick appetizer! Not only is it easy to make, it keeps

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Why choose Humane Farmed Products?

Who knew a few  years ago that John and I would be in Missouri raising Heritage Berkshire Hogs? When John came home and said that our property was conducive to raising Berkshire Hogs, I immediately imagined hogs in knee deep mud and a really awful odor. We went

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The Best or the Worst of Us

  I was reading a blog the other day that really made me stop and think, and it has stuck in my mind ever since. Ultimately, the article discussed euthanasia, specifically when it is appropriate to employ it or forgo it. But the most interesting thing about the

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