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What’s Hog Farming like in the Winter at Circle B Ranch?

The winter months are a true test of a farmers skill and work capacity. The winter brings frozen waterers’,  hard starting trucks and tractors and breakdowns.  Everything runs easy in warm weather and it seems like it takes twice as long to accomplish anything in winter! Even […]

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Why should you eat Cranberries?

 Marina’s Cranberry Chutney has been a staple for us as far back as I can remember. It compliments not only pork but beef, chicken, oatmeal and I have been known to pair it with goat cheese for a quick appetizer! Not only is it easy to make, it keeps […]

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Why do I publish recipes, and sell delicious homemade sauces?

Food is very important to me.  Being brought up in a big Italian family I can remember being at my Aunt Frances for the holidays.  Not only did we have a full American dinner but about 2 hours later she would bring out pasta with Italian tomato […]

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Why choose Humane Farmed Products?

Who knew a few  years ago that John and I would be in Missouri raising Heritage Berkshire Hogs? When John came home and said that our property was conducive to raising Berkshire Hogs, I immediately imagined hogs in knee deep mud and a really awful odor. We went […]

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Use Your Basil Before it Freezes!

Fresh pesto recipe

In the spring, we bought six basil plants and moved them next to our bedroom window.  This area gets sun in the morning and shade in the hottest point of the afternoon. The basil has flourished! I have a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law that love pesto, so I always […]

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Pork isn’t always Gluten Free?

Why does Circle B Ranch produce gluten-free pork, sausage, and bacon? Gluten is not necessarily bad for your health, but it is disastrous for people who have Celiac Disease—one out of every 133 Americans. People with Celiac Disease are hyper-sensitive to gluten, and eating it can cause […]

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to create Marina’s tasty sauces? Have you ever asked yourself why they taste so good?  Let me give you a little insight into the process, and you will find the answers to your questions. On sauce days, Marina begins her […]

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Circle B Employee- Meet Tim Denner

Meet Tim Denner, one of our wonderful employees here at Circle B Ranch. Tim is incredibly experienced; he was raised on a farm and has been farming for pretty much his whole life, aside from a stint as a local gas delivery driver for Brooks Gas. As […]

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What do labels really mean?

I think in all of our blogs I have mentioned how passionate we are about what we do on our farm. We truly believe that an animal, regardless of the breed or type, should be handled with a gentle hand, a tender heart, love and respect. We have […]

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Marketing at the Farmers Market

Circle B Ranch didn’t spring to life overnight. John and I have worked hard—to build our name, our brand, and the products that we are proud of—one step at a time. When we first started out, we decided to begin by marketing our products at the farmers’ […]

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