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A Farmers Look at the Paleo Diet!!

So, what is the paleo-diet? I’m sure most of you have heard of it by now, but for those of you who haven’t—here goes. The Paleo Diet is essentially a diet, or eating trend, that is based on our primal beginnings. In other words, if a caveman […]

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How did I start making Marina’s Sauces?

The kitchen has always been the soul of my home; no matter what age I was or what house we were in, the kitchen is the center of my home. While I was growing up, my mom, aunt Wanda and nana Rina had to kick myself and […]

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Circle B Ranch Humanely Raised & Handled

I think in all of our blogs I have mentioned how passionate we are about what we do on our farm. We truly believe that an animal, regardless of the breed or type, should be handled with a gentle hand, a tender heart, love and respect. We have […]

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A Healthy Hog is a Happy Hog

We have always felt that you should “know where you food comes from”. Since, that has become the unofficial mantra of Circle B Ranch we wanted to share with you our feeding practices. We pasture raise our hogs, they eat grubs, nuts and insects. They are finished with […]

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Benefits of feeding Circle B Ranch Hogs Goat Whey

Here at Circle B Ranch we believe in naturally and humanely feeding and handling our Heritage Berkshire hogs. Not too long along, while doing research on how to naturally finish our Berkshire hogs, we came across a few articles on the internet that encouraged feeding whey products […]

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Raising Berkshire Hogs the Old Fashioned Way

Circle B Ranch chooses cage-free...and meatballs

When John and I decided to pasture raise Berkshire Hogs we had know idea that we would be going back to the “way it used to be.”  If I have heard it once, I have heard it a hundred times….”That is how my grandparents used to do […]

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Why Berkshire Hogs?

Circle B Ranch breeds, farrows and raises Heritage Berkshire Hogs.  We decided on the breed because they are  hardy animals that adapt well to pasture.  Berkshire hogs are a rare breed that originated from Berkshire England. It has been said that the Berkshire Hog became popular with […]

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Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork

100% Heritage Pork - Humane Raised and Handled

There was never any discussion how we would raise our Berkshire pork. They would be pasture raised!! We breed, farrow and raise our hogs 100% on pasture.

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Why is food so important?


Food is very important to me.  Being brought up in a big Italian family I can remember being at my Aunt Frances for the holidays.  Not only did we have a full American dinner but about 2 hours later she would bring out pasta with Italian tomato […]

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