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Braising? What’s that?

Have you ever run across a recipe that requires you to braise the meat? Does it sound like a foreign word to you? Are you just beginning to find your place in the kitchen, and have no clue about the terms or techniques? While braising sounds like […]

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What’s New at Circle B?

Here at Circle B Ranch, we are excited about the new eating trends coming up in 2017! This year, our goal is to keep you informed and supply you with new recipes that will get you as enthusiastic as we are about the subject. Here are some […]

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Butt? Where Does It Come From?

I know it’s been a while in coming, but here it is—the next installment of our pork cuts series. Today I’d like to talk about the front portion of the hog, specifically the shoulder and the shank. Let’s begin with the pork shoulder, also referred to as […]

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A Farmers Look at the Paleo Diet!!

So, what is the paleo-diet? I’m sure most of you have heard of it by now, but for those of you who haven’t—here goes. The Paleo Diet is essentially a diet, or eating trend, that is based on our primal beginnings. In other words, if a caveman […]

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Why do I publish recipes, and sell delicious homemade sauces?

Food is very important to me.  Being brought up in a big Italian family I can remember being at my Aunt Frances for the holidays.  Not only did we have a full American dinner but about 2 hours later she would bring out pasta with Italian tomato […]

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Cranberries are a SUPER food!

 Marina’s Cranberry Chutney has been a staple for our holidays as far as I can remember. It compliments not only pork but beef, chicken, oatmeal and I have been known to pair it with goat cheese for a quick appetizer! Not only is it easy to make, it keeps […]

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Tenderloin: The Other Succulent Meat

In the last Circle B Ranch pork cuts blog, I promised to give you more details about the pork tenderloin and to supply you with more of my tastiest tenderloin recipes. So let’s talk about the tenderloin. The tenderloin is smaller and thinner than a pork loin, […]

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Use Your Basil Before it Freezes!

Fresh pesto recipe

In the spring, we bought six basil plants and moved them next to our bedroom window.  This area gets sun in the morning and shade in the hottest point of the afternoon. The basil has flourished! I have a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law that love pesto, so I always […]

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Those Yummy Pork Roasts

In the last Circle B Ranch pork cuts blog, “Give Me My Baby Backs,” I asked you to look forward to “Loin or Loin.”  As I was working on this blog and adding more information, I thought “What sense does this title make?” So “Those Yummy Pork […]

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Give Me My Baby Backs

Do you know your hog cuts? Where do the tenderloin and those tasty chops come from? If you don’t, hopefully you have been following the Circle B Ranch blog series about pork cuts. In the last two articles of the sequence—“So I bought a pig…” and “Bacon, Bacon, […]

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