In “Tenderloin: The Other Succulent Meat,” I promised you an in-depth discussion on Pork Chops, and I assured you  I would provide some delectable recipes for preparing them. So, let’s get started.

First off, Pork Chops, America’s most popular pork cuts, come straight from the loin. But there are marked differences between the chops. Although they are all delicious, not all pork chops are created equally. There is a chop for every occasion and everyone’s taste.

For instance, Porter House Pork Chops contain a lot of meat and a bit of tenderloin; they are a high-quality cut. Very tender, these chops are great for grilling or sear-roasting.

Rib Eye Pork Chops, cut from the center of the loin in the rib area, often contain a bit of back and rib bone. These are the basic chops everyone is used to seeing in the grocery store.

Sirloin Pork Chops, which come from the loin area next to the hip, often contain hip bone. These chops have more bone than other chops. Because of this, they are best cooked slowly—bake them or throw them in a crock-pot.

The New York or “American Cut” chop is simply the top-loin chop, which is a boneless and tasty cut.  Bake or grill these chops for a perfect meal.

Now for the recipes. Honestly, I have so many pork chop recipes here on the Circle B website that I had a hard time deciding which recipes to share with you.  But I managed to find some favorites that will definitely please your palette. 

One of my favorites is Pork Chops with Blueberry Mango Salad.What can be yummier than pork chops topped with a blueberry and mango salsa?


Or try something new with Pork Marsala. I adapted a chicken marsala recipe, and substituting pork chops worked out perfectly! Absolutely scrumptious!


This recipe, which I adapted from Martha Stewart, is created with a small list of ingredients; but Pork Chops with Balsamic-Strawberry Sauce packs a big punch for the taste-buds.

Here are you few more delicious pork chop recipes you will want to try as well:

You can’t go wrong with any of these dishes.

Look for the next installment of the Circle B Ranch pork cuts series. I’ll go over the cuts that come from the front portion of the hog including the Boston Butt (shoulder), Shank (upper leg), and Hocks (lower leg). And of course, the blog wouldn’t be complete without more tasty recipes to help you prepare these wonderful pork cuts.

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