Meet the Circle B Ranch Bacon Snack Stick

Since we started Circle B Ranch, John and I have always been focused on creating quality pork products for our customers. We aimed to produce healthy, yet affordable, alternatives for the chemically enhanced products found in meat sections of local grocery stores. Now that we have long since met our goal, we want to take this concept a little further and step out of the freezer. We want to bring you more products—pork inspired real-food that fights back against chemically saturated snacking.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Circle B Ranch now produces the Circle B Ranch Bacon Snack Stick—a natural, healthy, meat-only snack stick produced without additives or fillers. Made from our own Nitrite-Free (NF) bacon and ground Berkshire pasture-fed pork, these meat sticks are the perfect alternative to popular snack sticks like the Slim Jim.

While commercially produced snack sticks are convenient, they are not healthy. 

Commercially produced snack sticks include ingredients that are essentially damaging to your health. First, on the snack stick ingredients list: beef. Snack stick beef is usually raised in a feedlot that pumps the animals full of GMO feed, growth hormones, and antibiotics. Next, comes pork. The pork comes from confinement raised hogs that are treated inhumanely and given GMO feed as well as hormones and antibiotics. The third ingredient, mechanically separated chicken, comes from chickens raised on large scale farms that are fed GMO diets and antibiotics. Essentially, these meats are flooded with unnecessary hormones and antibiotics. But this is only the beginning.


The list of unhealthy snack stick ingredients continues:

  • MSG
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Added nitrites/nitrates
  • Artificial Colors
  • Wheat Proteins
  • GMO corn and soy fillers


Compared to commercially produced snack sticks, the Circle B Ranch Bacon Snack Stick has a list of all-natural ingredients.

Comparison shows several differences that make Circle B Ranch’s Bacon Snack Sticks a healthier option. First, the snack sticks contain only humanely raised, pasture-fed pork. Because of the way we raise our hogs, on pasture and without GMO feed, Circle B Ranch pork is healthier and entirely free of hormones or antibiotics.

 But, perhaps  it’s what you don’t see in our ingredients that makes an even bigger difference:

  • NO grain fillers
  • NO artificial preservatives
  • NO gluten
  • NO artificial flavors
  • NO High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • NO Red Dye
  • NO Sodium Benzoate

Circle B Ranch Bacon Snack Sticks are also diet friendly, making them a Guilt-Free indulgence:

  • Only 90 calories in each ONE OUNCE stick
  • 5 grams of protein
  • High flavor
  • Low sodium (170 mg sodium)
  • NO carbs
  • Paleo friendly
  • Keto friendly
  • Whole 30 friendly

Last but not least, the Circle B Ranch Bacon Snack Stick is a convenient—but healthy—on the go treat, making it family friendly. And, with three flavors to choose from, everyone can satisfy their craving. Bacon Snack Stick varieties include

Original for traditional tastes, Jalapeno for those who like a little spice in their snack, and Hawaiian Style for a hint of sweetness that kids love.


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