New Berkshire Piglets

Cute and little Berkshire Piglets

Yesterday John and Matt went out to feed the gilts, sows, piglets and boars.  Low and behold they found one of the gilts had farrowed overnight.  She had 7 healthy Berkhsire/Kurabuto piglets.  She had built a nest in the woods and farrowed.  John and Matt gently picked up the piglets and put them in the farrowing hut where all are doing well.

It is an adventure to have a farm and John and I are loving every moment.  It gives you great satisfaction when you see the piglets getting big and thriving.

Having a farm and pigs is always an adventure.  The first four litters are growing bigger everyday and it is fun to see them root in the field, frolic in their wallows and play with each other.

john backes feeding piglets

John and the piglets from the first four litters. They are sure getting big!

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