Beyond the Pork: Other Circle B Goodies

Pork Deposits

We take deposits for whole and half-hogs.

Why buy a half or whole hog? You have the advantage of butchering the meat to your exact specifications, or you can have a pig roast for a special event!

Gift Certificates

We offer both $50 and $100 email gift certificates that are easily redeemed.

Use our gift certificates for birthdays, weddings, or any special occasion. Why not give Dad a Circle B Ranch gift certificate for Father’s Day? He can get everything he needs for his BBQ—grilling packs, homemade BBQ sauce, and Big John’s Chop Sauce. Or you can surprise a loved one who simply appreciates Circle B Ranch products!

Circle B Ranch Hats

Do you really enjoy Circle B Ranch products? If you love Circle B Ranch pork products and sauces, and want to show everyone, we have a Circle B Ranch hat for you!

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