Yummy Delicious Pork Products

Yummy Delicious Pork Products

What makes our Yummy Delicious Pork Products taste they way they do? Each and every pork product originates from an animal that is naturally, humanely, and sustainably raised; Circle B Ranch’s hogs graze freely on pasture and forage for acorns and nuts. Allowing the pigs to grow in a natural environment—without added stress or added antibiotics—enhances the quality and the innate flavor of the meat!

Pork for Any Meal and Any Season

Circle B Ranch has a quality pork product for any meal during any season:

  • Breakfast Sausage or Pork Chops for any breakfast occasion
  • Marina’s Italian Style Meatballs for a quick spaghetti lunch
  • Pork Tenderloin for a special dinner

Think sausage for light Spring pastas, our various grill packs for summer grilling, Boston Butt Roast for a robust Fall meal, and Circle B Ranch Kielbasy for a Winter Slow Cooker Bratwurst Stew.

We even have lard! Use our Open Kettle Non-hydrogenated lard—without BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) or preservatives—to make your pie crusts lighter and flakier and your fried chicken crispy!

Or you can choose Big John’s Hawaiian Pork Snack Stick for quick snack any time!

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