Uncured (Nitrite Free) Bacon

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Circle Branch Ranch specializes in humanely-raised, antibiotic-free Berkshire pork belly Bacon. Hickory-smoked and cured for your enjoyment.

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12 in stock (can be backordered)



Uncured (Nitrite Free) Bacon

Bacon is simply delicious. There is something special about any morning when you add sizzling, hickory-smoked, crispy bacon to it. As wonderful as Circle B Ranch Hickory Smoked bacon is, Circle B Ranch’s uncured, nitrite-free hickory-smoked bacon is even better.

Uncured, nitrite-free bacon does not have the preservatives you find in ordinary bacon strips, and as a result, it is healthier and natural. The hickory-smoked flavor tastes great on its own, but also tastes great on a sandwich, mixed into a salad, or in whatever bacon-flavored concoction you think up.

The Circle B Ranch bacon comes from humanely raised pigs, so you can enjoy your bacon without worrying about where it came from or what nitrates and additives might be in it. Once you have given uncured bacon a try, you will never want to eat store bought bacon again!

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