John and I have always had a passion for good wholesome food—natural foods that are healthy and good for you.  Through Circle B Ranch, John and I have delivered to our customers the best quality, natural pasture-fed pork possible….and we found that there was a huge gap in healthy snacking foods.

After watching the public consume over-processed, chemically saturated, unhealthy snacks for years, we decided to create a snack stick that is healthier than other snack sticks found in today’s market—Big John’s Nitrite-Free Bacon Snack Stick.

Compared to the “other snack sticks,” our Nitrite-Free Bacon Snack Stick has a list of all-natural ingredients:

As you can see, Big John’s NF Bacon Snack Sticks contain NO grain fillers, NO preservatives, and NO artificial flavors. These snack sticks are created from Circle B Ranch’s own NF bacon, ground Berkshire pork, and natural spices. Big John’s NF Bacon Snack Sticks do not contain artificial ingredients:

  • NO gluten, hormones or antibiotics
  • NO High Fructose Corn Syrup or Red Dye
  • NO Sodium Benzoate

When it comes to snack sticks, Big John’s Nitrite-Free Bacon Snack Sticks are a healthy, guilt-free snack option. These delicious, flavor-filled snack sticks are real food—low in calories, low in sodium, and low in sugar. Concerns about diabetes and obesity can be tossed aside.

Circle B Ranch Bacon Snack Sticks Make Snacking Guilt-Free:

  • Only 90 calories in each ONE OUNCE stick
  • 5 grams of protein
  • Low sodium (170 mg sodium)
  • NO carbs, NO sugar

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