Here at Circle B Ranch, we are excited about the new eating trends coming up in 2017! This year, our goal is to keep you informed and supply you with new recipes that will get you as enthusiastic as we are about the subject.

Here are some of the concepts I’ll cover in upcoming blogs:

  • Good Food: What is it and what does it really mean?

 Do you know how your food was produced or raised? How does the food product affect the environment, the people who worked to create it, and you as the consumer? These are a few of the angles I look at before purchasing food. Do you?

  • Lowering Food Waste: Some hints to make it easier
  • Functional Foods: What are they? And why should you eat them?
  • Protein: Eating animal proteins and plant proteins; what’s the difference?
  • Food Sustainability VS. Cost

I know I want to purchase foods that are environmentally sustainable, as well as healthy, and I always look for the best deals. And, I know I’m not the only one. Many consumers feel that food should be produced in a sustainable way, but they feel cost is an issue. Does this type of fare actually cost more in the long run? If so, why?

  • Defining Healthy Claims: Labeling, the government definition of healthy and what should be considered healthy
  • Cooking with Coffee: Recent studies show coffee plays a large role in cancer prevention
  • Kale Is Out, So What’s In? Interesting and Tasty Alternatives


Cooking with kale is great, but what are the alternatives?

You can try seaweeds, beet greens, mustard greens, and even carrot tops! Trying a variety of greens can be incredibly healthy, extremely fun, and absolutely delicious! 

  • Cooking with Chocolate: New ways to use the tasty treat
  • Updated Breakfast: Not Your Traditional Fare

                                                         Breakfast Chorizo Taco

Forbes says breakfast is going to be a very big deal in 2017. More restaurants are going to be serving breakfast throughout the day. Now, all-day breakfast isn’t a new idea for anyone, but what they are serving will be.  We’ll be looking at new, “aggressive” recipes that feature crunchier foods, more chorizo, and chimichurri.

  • One-Bowl Dishes: How do they make a difference?

These are only a few of the subjects I’ll be talking about in 2017.  Also, look for the wrap up to Circle B Ranch’s pork cuts series: It’s All in The Trim. What tasty delicacies does Circle B create with the trim from our hogs? I’ll discuss this and provide you with more yummy recipes for your cooking enjoyment!



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